More about Universal Carpet Systems

Mission Statement:
At Universal Carpet Systems, our mission is to bring glory to God by performing our services in such a way that our work ethics of integrity, honesty, and concern for others are demonstrated to each client we serve.


For the last 35 years our guarantee has been if you are not completely satisfied with the work we’ve done, call us and we will promptly return to remedy errors. If you are still not pleased with our services, we will refund your money.

Here are some of the things you
get when you choose Universal
Carpet Systems

• Reminder postcard for regular cleaning • 
• IICRC trained technicians in your home • 
• Clean, clearly labeled service trucks • 
• Free pre-inspection and written estimate • 
• Uniformed technicians, not a subcontractor • 
• Technicians who communicate clearly • 

Your source for
all your
carpet needs

• Licensed and bonded • 
• Powerful equipment • 
• Customized job in each home • 
• IICRC Certified firm • 
• Block and pad removal • 
• IICRC trained, friendly phone staff • 

Our exclusive VOR-TECH carpet cleaning system includes:

• Pre-treat with a factory-approved, friable, bio-degradable cleaning solution
• Move furniture for cleaning behind/underneath
• Hot water extraction with our VOR-TECH rotary cleaning tool which performs 25-30
cleaning passes to remove more dirt than other methods while restoring the luster of the carpet nap
• Replace furniture back into position with protective pads and blocks
• Apply a neutralizer to leave a soft, textured carpet
• Apply stain protector, if ordered by customer
• Place Vor-Tech speed-dry assist fan
• Groom carpet to lift and fluff nap, resulting in a clean and inviting carpet


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  • Which method of cleaning is best for my carpet, dry, wet, encapsulation, bonnet (also known as dry chemical cleaning), or foam?
  • Why should I choose an IICRC-certified cleaning company?