Bad dog? Bleach spot? Carpet buckling?

If your carpet has been permanently damaged beyond cleaning and requires a greater degree of restoration, we offer services that can help. Sometimes we can take carpet from a closet and use it for repairing these areas. Many of today's carpets will begin to buckle within the first 2-3 years. We offer single room or whole house carpet re-stretching.  We also offer spot dyeing for areas of color loss.

Contact us today for your carpet repair needs. With Universal Carpet Systems, you can be certain that we'll make sure your carpet is in top condition, once we're done with it.

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Superior-quality carpet repairs

• Carpet re-stretching •
• Bonded inserts and re-dying •
• Burn repairs and re-attaching at thresholds and entries •
• Replace damaged carpet padding •

Spot dyeing